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Action Europe Group

Action Europe was founded in 1986 in Copenhagen. Today, we are about 30 employees and we grow comfortably fast. We have Action-people in Amsterdam, Beijing, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Kuala Lumpur and Stockholm.

We serve 17 countries at the moment and more are coming, simply because this is a very good idea for marketeers to say the least. The name Action comes from our fondness for making things happen. We help our clients to move people from A to B – from one opinion to another, from no purchase to purchase, from first purchase to second purchase.

We combine strategy and creativity with psychological, pedagogical and analytical methods, creating measurable results. We have won more than 45 international strategic and creative prizes like ECHO, AME and FEDMA. There are also numerous local prizes that we cherish, but don’t count.

Our most effective tool is individualised dialogue marketing implemented via online media. Our loyalty concepts and customer clubs have all the added extras inspired by individualisation, which has shaped our results and the awards we have won.

Our process

The first steps of our work are crucial, that’s why we carry out a substantial chunk of strategic work, perhaps even customer and business analysis. For us this works as a guideline to:

  • Create relevant and functional marketing communication
  • Establish a relevant customer dialogue
  • Increase loyalty, e.g. through an online loyalty club

The more thorough the strategy and analysis, the better and more long-lasting the results we create together will be. Every company and every challenge is unique, but in most cases the working process is as follows:

  • Introductory workshop with client
  • Research phase
  • Psychological and strategic analysis
  • In-depth operative workshop with client’s creative proposals
  • Tests, validation and optimisation
  • Implementation
  • Progress report

Results that matter

At the end of the day,  it’s the results that matter. Here are a few examples of results we have helped to generate for our clients.

  • FMCG – The loyalty programme is the main reason why the product can be sold up to 19% more expensive than the closest competitor.
  • Health, Dialogue programme – 35% of all leads now purchase after having passed the welcome flow.
  • Health and beauty, Dialogue programme – 87% conversion rate from lead to purchasing customer.
  • Credit card, Dialogue programme – 32% higher turnover per card for members of the programme.
  • Pharmaceutical, Online optimisation – 205% increase in activation.
  • Pharmaceutical, Dialogue programme – 51% have received a greater quality of life and become customers.


Analysis and optimisation

“Half of the world’s marketing budgets are probably bad investments,” as David Ogilvy said. The hard bit is knowing which half.

Which combination of all the great ideas and theories will sell best? What really separates the loyal consumers from the disloyal?What would finding out be worth to you?A lot of people rely entirely on their intuition, and sometimes it’s the only way. But we hate guesswork. We don’t want to be lucky.

We want to know the reasons behind a successful communication solution – so we can repeat it. This is why we love the Japanese Taguchi multi-variable analysis method and the MTS pattern recognition method. In short, these are tools that were developed for the process industry, but have started being used for marketing purposes in recent years.