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We think with our hearts

”God gave man a heart so that he could think”, is a quote that perfectly summarises the way we look at communication and relationships. In the equation between emotions and rationale, emotions constitute the larger part.


We usually say that we are a humanistic agency. In other words, we put the individual – the customer – first.


Over the past 25 years, it has been our experience that the most effective way to really reach another person is to accept and respect them for who they are. Because we are all different; we have different dreams, visions and needs. We also learn in different ways; we have different capacities, different opinions and entirely different feelings. In practice, this means that in order to treat everyone the same, you will have to treat them differently.


If you don’t ask, you won’t know – nor will you be able to meet hopes or needs appropriately. In order to know your customers, you have to talk to them and you have to listen. Furthermore, you have to focus on being interested, not just interesting. Only when you know your customers’ individual needs you will be able to create added value to your product and as a result creating a true relationship that will last.


How can you get to know every single customer? We use online dialogue as a central part of our solutions, because our experience shows that we can enrich the communication to make your product and service more relevant for the consumers. Our clients see the effect on their sales and brand perception.


Our communicative principles can be summarised in one word – empathy. We usually say that it’s all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes or meeting the customer where they are, as Søren Kierkegaard would have said: “Loyalty is something you earn.”


Our seven principles

Common sense is the result of an equation between emotions and rationality – an interaction of the heart and the mind.


We present your product USP’s in a way your consumers can understand and ensure they have made the most sensible decision.


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